The Spirit of the Rainforest

In the center of the painting is the Sri Yantra superimposed on the seed of life.  The Sri Yantra is said to be the most powerful creation & manifestation mandala in the world.  It represents the union of masculine and feminine energies, Shiva, the sacred masculine, the upwards facing triangles and Shakti the sacred feminine, the downwards facing triangles.  This mandala has been drawn by many different cultures for centuries, especially in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  It represents the creation of the universe.  The seed of life, or genesis pattern, is also an ancient and sacred pattern, symbolising the creation of all that exists.  It is formed by 7 circles, six arranged every 60 degrees, with their centers on the edge of the central circle.  These circles are said to have a multitude of symbolic meanings, including the 7 chakras, 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 notes of the musical scale.  It is also the beginning of the sacred Flower of Life pattern.  From the seed, the flower emerges.  Pieces of it can be found on the top layer of this painting, and more of the flower is below the surface.  It makes up the blueprint for the triangle grid, together they are weaving the web of life.  

These patterns emanate from the 3rd eye of a jaguar, the eyes of the Spirit of the Rainforest.  The jaguar is shooting laser emerald tree boas out of his eyes.  The boas are the rainforest, the life-web, sending out protective seeds of consciousness in the minds of humans, the knowledge that we must protect the lungs of our planet.  Angel Falls cascades from the holy mountain Tepui, the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, down the face of the jaguar, and into the mighty rivers.  They are the waters that feed the lungs of the planet.  Below and to the left is the Ocelot, a dwarf jaguar, a rare and mysterious creature of the jungle.  There are ocelots swimming across the river, and drinking from the water.  The Ocelot symbolises a spiritual balance, an ability to see the dark and the light, and to move through both worlds with grace and agility.  On the bottom right is the crimson topaz.  On the top right of the composition is the hummingbird, diving headfirst into another seed of life.  The hummingbird spirit teaches us to live joyfully, to live light, and to travel swiftly and directly in the direction of our goals (our nectars).  On the top left is the osprey, symbolising mastery of our powers.  Throughout the composition, and originating from the seed of life, is the geometric matrix, the structure of the life web, the patterns repeating themselves endlessly, from the micro to the macro.