Custom Astrological Birth Charts

One of my favorite subjects of study is astrology.  I first became interested in this work when I made a drawing of the Zodiac wheel, and saw how they all fit together.  I observed the elements, the qualities (cardinal, fixed, mutable) and the polarities, masculine and feminine, working together in a fascinating and mysterious picture of our solar system.  The movements of the planets as seen from the earth.  I became obsessed, and dove deeply into the subject by learning the Sun signs of hundreds of people, and studying the birth charts of people who are closer to me (and of celebrities).   I am now continuing this work by illustrating customized birth charts.  Using the birthday, time, and place, and whatever other symbols or pictures are requested, I create a composition especially for you!  The one and only.  Each one comes with a phone consultation & a discussion of the important elements to include.  It can be specific and symbolic, or wildly creative and playful.  All of this is for you.  If you're interested in your own, check out the pricing structure on my other blog post, or contact me directly for further details.